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Deu na Economist: O STF torna a corrupção mais arriscada no Brasil

Excelente artigo publicado na Economist. O STF torna a corrupção mais arriscada no Brasil.

“Corruption in BrazilWorth the wait

The supreme court makes graft riskier

Sep 29th 2012 | SÃO PAULO | from the print edition

Blind justice at last in Brasília

A HUSBAND follows his wife and another man to a hotel room. Through the keyhole he sees the pair embrace. As they fling off their clothes his wife’s underwear catches on the doorknob, blocking his view of what happens next—and leaving his faith in her fidelity intact.

Brazilians tell this tale to describe the naivety of the cuckold who is unwilling to make obvious inferences that lead to unwelcome conclusions. It could also stand for their legal system’s traditional leniency towards politicians accused of corruption. The slightest ambiguity in overwhelming evidence lets wrongdoers walk free. (…)

Such complacency was misplaced. (…)

Already, the supreme court has changed the rules of Brazilian politics by making graft riskier, says Mario Coelho of Congresso em Foco, a watchdog in Brasília. But if it deals as harshly with powerful politicians as with the businesspeople who funnelled money their way, that will amount to a “revolution”, he adds.

Will the trial do further damage to the PT, the party of Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s president today? It is doing badly in the municipal campaign for some big cities, but largely for local reasons. The mensalão hurt the PT back in 2005, says Carlos Lopes, a political consultant. Before that, voters had regarded it as comparatively graft-free; afterwards, it lost its claim to an ethical monopoly. It has not recovered it. But no other party has seized that banner.

There are votes available for any party which can claim convincingly to have cleaned itself up, Mr Lopes thinks. By making corruption riskier, the supreme court makes it more likely that politicians will compete for that vacant space.

Correction: Banco Rural is privately owned, not state-controlled as we wrote in the original version of this article. This was corrected on September 28th 2012.”

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